Status : New Applicant

Date of Birth : 10-5-1990 (age: 30 yrs)

Place of Birth : NEGROS ORIENTAL

Height/Weight : 168 cm / 56 kg

Nationality : Philippines

Religion : CATHOLIC

Education : HIGH SCHOOL


No. of Siblings : 7

Marital Status : Single

Children : 1 (age 13(G))

Current Salary($) : 0

Expected Salary($) : 580

Preference of Rest days : 1

Available Date :

Years of Experience (Home Country) : 7 yr 6 mo

Years of Experience (Singapore) :

Years of Experience (Abroad) :

Previous working Experience in Singapore : yes

Employment History:
GENILYN she is from Guisulngan, Negros Oriental. She is a single parent with 1 child age 13 years old.  She has 7 siblings. She is trustworthy and hardworking person. She is keen on taking care of infants and children. She can take care of the Elderly as well. She can cook Filipino dishes, can follow the recipe and still willing to learn more if given a chance. She is comfortable in taking care of pets. She know how to swim. 4 YEARS - FILIPINO- (PHILIPPINES): She worked for a couple with 3 children, age 5, 3 and 1 years old , (when she joined). They lived in a subdivision house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. She take care of the children. She also does all around washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking simple Filipino foods. ( 2016 - UP TO PRESENT). 6 MONTHS - CHINESE - (PHILIPPINES): She worked as a factory workers at International foods Corporation, as Re- packer of ice candy at ice candy foods department. (  June -2009 - Dec. 2009). 3 YEARS - (PHILIPPINES): She worked as a cashier at the school canteen of the University of San Carlos.When times end  of her duties she well do cleaning, and inventory of some items in the canteen.she also help to clean the kitchen before she leave.She will resign because there contract is finished. ( 2013 - 2015 ).
Care of infants (Please specify age range):
Willingness: Yes
Experience: Yes, No. of Years: 7 yr 6 mo
Care of child:
Willingness: Yes
Experience: Yes, No. of Years: 7 yr 6 mo
Care of elderly:
Willingness: Yes
Experience: , No. of Years:
Pet Care:
Willingness: Yes
Experience: , No. of Years:
Care of disabled:
Willingness: Yes
Experience: , No. of Years:
Language abilities (spoken):
Language Name: ENGLISH
Experience: Yes, No. of Years: 29 years old

Food handling preferences:

Pet handling preferences: NO

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