Status : Ex-singapore

Date of Birth : 21-1-1981 (age: 38 yrs)

Place of Birth : PROBOLINGGO

Height/Weight : 165 cm / 70 kg

Nationality : Indonesia

Religion :

Education :


No. of Siblings : 0

Marital Status : Married

Children : 3 (age 19B, 15G, 7B)

Current Salary($) : 0

Expected Salary($) : 0

Preference of Rest days :

Available Date :

Years of Experience (Home Country) :

Years of Experience (Singapore) :

Years of Experience (Abroad) :

Previous working Experience in Singapore :

Employment History:
SITI is from PROBOLINGGO. She is married with 3 children who are 19, 15 and 7yrs old. As a mother herself, she is keen on taking care of infants and children. She can cook Chinese and Indonesian dishes, she can follow recipes and still willing to learn more if given a chance. She also likes to take care of the elderly.  She is not comfortable in taking care of pets.  4 YEARS- CHINESE (SINGAPORE):  She is working for a family with 5 members. A couple with 2 children(ADULTS) and 1 elderly(AHMA). She takes care of the elderly who is 92yrs old when she joined. She changed diaper for AHMA, feeding her, shower her, carry her, put her in a wheelchair and she slept with AHMA. She also does all-around cleaning, ironing, washing and cooking. She went back home when AHMA past away because her employer not needing helper anymore (15/06/2015 - 06/06/2019) 4MONTHS- CHINESE (SINGAPORE): She worked for a couple with 2 children who are 4 and 7years old when she joined. She takes care of the children, she sent and fetch in the school. She also does all-around cleaning, washing, ironing, and cooking. She decides to look for another opportunity and both parties agreed for a transfer (26/02/2015 - 15/06/2015​).
Language abilities (spoken):
Language Name: ENGLISH
Experience: , No. of Years:
Experience: , No. of Years:

Food handling preferences:

Pet handling preferences:

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